Summer Time!

Jose Gonzalez

For most students, summer is when they get out of school and enjoy having their free time. The fun comes back and hot weather comes back. Many kids enjoy their summer and expect it to be long and fun.

Some students believe that summer should be longer. Especially since they have a lot more school days than summer days.

Junior Jose Zavala believes his summer should be enjoyable and last longer.

“Having a longer summer gives many students extra time to do extra classes for credits but also others would love to enjoy it with families,” says Junior Jose Zavala.

Zaval knows that summer is when most students have the most amazing time. Kids enjoy not being in school and being able to relax.

Alegrando Pina believes his summer should be the time where he can relax and relieve stress he gets from school work.

“Summer to me is a way of enjoying my free time and having a break with any interruptions,” said Junior Alejandro Pina.  

Pina’s summer is his gateway where he can relax and enjoy his time. Many students overwell themselves and see the summer of way to relax more and have a good time.

“Summer to me means I have the chances to continue my sports and practice for the next season. It means I get to finally spend more time with my family and friends” said Zavala.  

Many students don’t get to spend much time with their families because of school. This disappoints many parents and kids. Many would love to enjoy spending time with their love one and have a good time.

“Summer should be a longer. This gives us many chances to relax and do our fun things. Having a longer summer helps kids catch up with friends and hang out,” said Pina.
Summer is what everyone has been waiting for. Many wait for this summer break to come fast so many could enjoy it. Otherswant to have the opportunity to see new things and be with friends and family. We need to let students have a good long break and relieve their stress.