Naval Reserves: Good or Bad

Jimmy Bellido

In  1915 the U.S Navy started the Navy Reserve units. This opened up more opportunities for  patriots who wanted to serve their nation and be a civilian at the same time. With the Navy having reserve units people could also take advantage of the opportunity to attend college for free in order to enhance their knowledge.

The Navy Reserves isn’t for everyone,  only for those who feel the need to serve their country, but still want to be a normal civilian. The Navy Reserves is a stupendous idea for those who want to be a civilian, and also feel the need to serve their country.

Being a Navy sailor and civilian has been made possible back in the year of 1915 with the Navy allowing civilians to become part time sailors. With the Navy reserves you can still be a normal civilian who can be with your family for most of the year, but still have the opportunity of being a sailor. As  a reservist you have the opportunity to be a sailor for one weekend a month, and two weeks out of the summer. Being a civilian and a sailor allows you to embark on a path to success that most people would never discover. It allows you to get the training a sailor would get so you can use it in the civilian world to help your community.

A college degree is a necessity in our day in age, but how is it possible to attain a college degree if a college diploma cost more than a small home? Don’t put off your educational dreams on hold because you can’t afford it. The Navy reserves is a great way to pay for college, because not only would you get your college tuition paid for, it gives you a specialized training you won’t get anywhere else.

Being a Navy Reservist makes you stand out from the crowd of applicants when you are applying for summer internships and makes you  an elite competitor for jobs once you graduate. One should not put on hold because of financial issues, reach your goals, and become an elite student with the Navy Reserves.   

However the Navy Reserves is not for everyone. The weak and feeble minded should not enlist, because you’re just taking up space in the Navy. If you know that you are not going to stay physically fit during the year, and don’t want to give up two weeks of your summer, do not enlist.

In the year 1915 one of the greatest opportunities of our time would have been created, and that is the Navy Reserves. The Navy Reserves is an opportunity to become someone that the youth can look up to  as an inspiration, someone who has  a higher education. Become a Navy Reservist and let’s find out how much you can accomplish.