Black History Month SHOULD ALWAYS be celebrated

Starie Brown

Martin Luther King Jr. ,Rosa Parks,Harriet Tubman ,Frederick Douglass and Madam CJ.Walker  have traditionally been referenced to as great leaders during black history month. However, should schools be mandated to teach the importance of black history month to students? Many disagree because from their perspective  schools should teach black history more than one month in the entire school year. However, on the other side of the spectrum people feel that black history month should be mandated in schools to give appreciation to African American culture and history during the month of February.  

In my opinion I feel that at Phoenix Military Academy we do not really celebrate black history month. I remember last year we watched Selma and in United States History class we talked about the Civil Rights movement. However, we only talked about the Civil Rights movement because it was apart of a chapter in the history book.  I feel that the school should dedicate the entire month of February to celebrate black history and to learn more about black leaders. We should be able to go under the surface and stop only talking about Martin Luther King Jr.,Rosa Parks,Harriet Tubman ,Frederick Douglass. Sure they are the most commonly known African American leaders. However, if you were to ask a class of students about  Ella Baker there is a large possibility no one would recognize who she was. Even though, she played a large part in the Civil Rights movement. She worked with Dr. King and Rosa Parks.

People who oppose of celebrating black history feel that it can be racism. Some people feel that if you dedicate one month to a specific group of people it can be seen as discrimination to every other race or ethnicity. Arguments against black history month in schools is that every race can not receive one  month in the school year to talk about their history. Since there are only twelve months in a year and only nine months in a school year.

I feel that black history is important to me because it has shaped America. I not only feel passionate about the issue because of the lack of history education in school but also because I am African American.I want to connect with history and see what people sacrificed in order for everyone to have equal rights as we have today. I feel that knowing African American history truly is knowing American history because slaves shape the United States. However, some people seem to have forgotten about what went on in America’s backyards. Slavery  was not an option to the African -Americans who were not paid to grow crops in America. Black History deserves a month of appreciation for culture and literature.

Neglecting to celebrate and educate student about  black history in schools is not discrimination however it is despicable and disrespectful. I do support the claim that black culture deserve to be spoken about more than just one month every year. However,this month should capture the most influential  side of the culture. Not just the people who became famous for the civil rights movement but how the unknown heroes history by ending slavery. We know Rosa Parks as the women who refused to give up her seat for a white man. However, no one ever talks about the impact of what she did and why she was brave enough to do what she did. Even though she knew her action would lead to prison and be made an example  of.

People should fully understand black history and how blacks lived inferiorly under the law. Before we decide to completely ignore black history month, think about what affect black leaders have had on American society. I feel that no one ever thinks about what these leaders did as a way to change the way the world used to “work”. I feel that students should be allowed to know about their history.

Another point that I want to make is people should be educated on  African American history because it is interesting to learn about. For example, what would have life been like today without slavery. If people were not equal we would still live in a dictatorship society .Where one race was more powerful than other races. People should really think about the way their lives could have been impacted or affected without ending of slavery.