Girls Soccer is Coming!

Christian Gutierrez

It is that time of year when the girls start spending less time with their boyfriends and spend more time with something else they love, soccer. In PMA there are lots of girls anxious to get the season started.

The girls had to overcome tryouts on March 2 and many of them came eager to impress the coach, Ms.  Tristano. They thought that if they played good in tryouts, they could get a position on the varsity team and that is something that all the girls want.

“I wanted to give my all so that my coaches can see that I am serious about being on the Team. I have been practicing since last season and I feel that I can become a starter again this year,” said junior Mayra Barrios.

Many of the girls that tried out are also new to the type of drills that they learn and hope to see an improvement on their skills with their coach’s help. They also hope to at least make the team as they just want to play the game they love.

“To be honest, I just want to make the team. I don’t care about making varsity because I know that one day I will be there and I just have to concentrate on my job, which is to be a player of the game,” said freshman Estrella Villa.

The girls soccer teams looks ready for their season and after months of waiting, they will have their time to shine. They hope that their fans are as happy the season came as they are.