Tom Clancy’s: The Division

Jose Castineyra

Tom Clancy’s “The Division” was launched this month on March 8, 2016. The game was first introduced to the world at Ubisoft’s E3, a series of press conferences showing the upcoming video games for the year, 2013 press conference as a third person shooter, and an open world game. The Division was expected to come out in 2014, but on May 15, 2014, it was announced that The Division would be delayed until 2015. Once again on May 12, 2015, the game was announced to be delayed until the following year. Finally, on March 8, the world got to obtain their overdue game, The Division.

Manhattan, New York goes under chaos after a disease that officials call “green poison,” spreads spontaneously in the city, state, and other parts of the country, after Black Friday. Government loses control over Manhattan and activates a sleeper agent force called The Division. As the player progresses in the story mode, which can be played cooperatively with other players, it is learned that “green poison” is a chemically engineered version of smallpox, except it grows fast, making it difficult to find a cure, and can spread easily. Mainly, the focus of the game is to find out who, what, when, why, and how the virus was made. However, the game has some twist and turns when a few Division agents go rogue, but the priority is the virus and restoring control of Manhattan without restriction.

Playing for a week has given me an insight of what the focus was for the creators of The Division. It feels and looks very real as there is a lot of climate changes throughout the game, which causes the player to have difficulty seeing from afar and changes the ambiance. Enemies in the game don’t simply just stand around waiting to get killed, well at least 90% of the time, and graphics of the game seem to be well structure since sometimes players can get stuck in a corner between a luggage bag and a crate, which is very annoying and irritating, but the overall ambiance makes it very fun to play and addictive.

However, from the introduction of The Division in Ubisoft E3, there was a lot of downgrading in the game. There was a lot of changes in how a player could of had interacted with their surroundings, as well as modifications to the HUD (Heads Up Display). The environment looked more disastrous like if a real epidemic had occurred and the world had gone through chaos. The way the player could of had obtain items like water, food, fire arms, and many more other things, changed dramatically. Now, the player obtains items through basic bags in the ground and small cheap weapon crates. Furthermore, it seems like the makers of The Division where a bit lazy to make facial structures in the game more clearer. The faces of ingame characters look very cheap and almost 2-D, I guess it’s for the fact that the majority players cover their characters faces with glasses and wool caps. Also, when enemy snipers get up from cover and aim, there is always a light reflection coming from the scope of the enemy’s rifle. Even when it turns into night in the game, and even indoors, which makes me wonder just what the heck were the makers thinking? I mean honestly, three years just to have these kind of mistakes? And, there’s also a big problem when enemies that are holding bats, or hatches, run towards you and swing at you and still manage to hit you when you have obviously dodged the hit!

Three years in production with a lot of eagerness to play for a lot of people, The Division has achieved to create something significant than its competitors. However, it seems like three years was to long for what came out to be of The Division, or maybe just not enough time to get everything right, but no game is perfect or lives up to people’s expectations. The game overall is great and fun to play with other people, however, there’s too many things that need to be discussed over, but my judgement won’t be the same as of another person. We all have personal opinions so if you’re interested in finding out just how fun and addictive the game can be, buy one and see for yourself, and really ask yourself if three years of wait was right enough for the game.