PMA: Kind Cadets or Vicious Cyber Bullies?

Jazel Pena

In the past few weeks, tension has arose in the Phoenix halls for quite some time. Like any other regular high school, rivalries arise between competing cliques for trivial reasons like rumors. However, it rarely gets passed the level of bathroom gossip and hallway whispers.

Sometimes, though, it does reach a level where it is both threatening to a person mentally and physically. Phoenix rarely has any physical altercations, but the new 2015-2016 school year has proved to be a particularly violent one. But problems don’t reach that extent unless there were causes leading up to it.

For example, some students have taken it upon themselves to use their social media accounts to bash and belittle their classmates for the sake of a laugh, for attention, or simply because they do not like them. Whatever the reason, it is completely uncalled for and unnecessary. Cyber bullying has become social media users’ favorite method of publicly criticizing someone else and receiving praise for it.

Often times, people are told they have “no chill” and given the moniker of being a “savage” when they post their drama and altercations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. By being egged on by their followers and online friends, people very rarely consider how their words can truly harm another.

There have been cases where cyber bullying has turned from harmless taunts online to real physical altercations that can lead in serious injury. There are also cases where cyber bullying has resulted in a lost life. Even if a victim of cyber-bullying doesn’t get hurt physically, they can be tormented by the words said to or about them for a long time come.

Either way, using social media to discuss and expose one’s own petty arguments and confrontations is extremely immature. Even though there are some of us who have taken part in cyber bullying ourselves, it is very important that we come to a realization that we can be hurting someone in ways we don’t even comprehend or consider.