The Other Side of the Door started Strong but Faltered

The Other Side of the Door ,directed by Johannes Roberts and Joseph Bishara, is a 2016 horror film which takes place in India. The main characters are Maria(Sarah Wayne Callies), Michael(Jeremy Sisto),Lucy ( Sofia Rosinsky) and Oliver(Logan Crecan).

  The film is about Maria’s son Oliver that is killed in tragic accident.After he dies she learns ritual that will bring him back to say goodbye. However, when Maria disobeys the a sacred warning it causes Oliver’s restless spirit to come back and haunt the home and the rest of his family that is Lucy and Michael.

     I thought the beginning of the film was really good the family were really happy and had a good relationship. Once it happened the accident everything changed for the family. I thought it was so obvious that the  mom(Maria) was going to open the door when the hindu lady told her not too. That scene didn’t made any sense. I felt like the movie was somewhat scary but not what I expected.

     I wouldn’t recommend this movie if your want to see something actually scary.

I would give thbis a 3.5/5