Juniors and Kaplan

Kimberly Huerta

There are so many stressing things that you go through in high school. Every year it’s either homework or quizzes, but your junior year you get the most stressing thing of all, ACT. At Phoenix Military academy juniors always take this Kaplan program as preparation for ACT. On Monday, January 22 the juniors took their first Kaplan class and juniors are feeling all kinds of ways about this.

“I felt like it would be a start  to something very good. In other words I feel like I will jump scores thanks to the classes,” said junior Octavio Sanchez.

Although on a Monday at PMA everyone wants to go home, juniors will have to stay some of those mondays to be prepared with this program.

“I feel like it will helps us because we get into the mindset of the people that write the test,” said Sanchez.

Some people might think this is good preparation, but the duration of this class might stress some out at the same time and others might actually feel good about it.

“Every other monday for 4 weeks we will take this class. I do not think that is enough because we need to cover a lot and since I took the ACT already I feel like it needs a lot more thorough,” said Sanchez.

For the reasons that the state of Illinois had to decide whether the juniors will be taking SAT or ACT the school had to decide whether they were going to take the kaplan class or not. This made the juniors fall behind with the Kaplan program.

Juniors are separated into different groups, put with people that got about the same score that they did when they took a practice test. Sometimes some people might feel like they don’t belong in the group they’re in.

“I don’t feel like i belong there because I think that I personally have more potential and I could’ve done better when I took that practice test that determined where I would be put,” said junior Elizabeth Sotelo.

Juniors aren’t just concerned about this program taking place, but also the ACT in general and how it can have a big impact on their education and future plans.
“I feel like the ACT will be hard, but at the same time I feel confident about certain areas in the test,” said Sotelo.

ACT practice and the ACT test take a majority part of your junior year, all the juniors are hoping that they will do the best they can when it comes to the real test.