Donation to Flint Michigan

Kimberly Huerta

Over the past few months there have been problems with the drinking water in Michigan. Lead was found in the water and was making the residents sick. In Flint, Michigan people have been trying to help out with replacing the lead contaminated water. The filtration system needs to be a replaced in order for it to be safe for everybody else.

“The purpose was to assist the people of Flint Michigan who were essentially poisoned by the leaders of their state,” said Sgt Walker.

Sgt Walker was one of the people who offered to donate water to Flint.

“It was worth it because it was for a good cause. Helping and giving back should be a priority of all able bodied people of this country,” said Sgt Walker.

Although the trip was long, Sgt. Walker believed that it was the best thing to do and worth the while. As this was going on, Sgt. Walker thought about donating and seeing how he could help.

“I wanted to help this community but I didn’t know how until Mr. Rivera told me his church was doing a community service drive and that’s when I jumped at the opportunity to give back,” said Sgt. Walker.

The people in Flint are very concerned about what will happen if the water is not fixed because it will affect a lot of people, in regards to increasing health issues.

“I personally didn’t go to Flint Michigan all I did was donate my time and money by buying water and taking it to the church,” said Sgt. Walker.

Sgt Walker believes that donating water might’ve not helped too much, because it didn’t the cause of the problem.  However, it was better than doing nothing.  

“I was told that the total donation by the church was five hundred cases of water so I think that my donation made a small difference to the people of Flint,” said Sgt. Walker.

Drinking clean water is important, and if it is contaminated it will create a bigger problem, but Sgt Walker was able to try and help out with that.