Can Manchester overcome Liverpool?

Christian Gutierrez

Manchester United look to come back from the 2-0 defeat that Liverpool gave them at Anfield. The players would have to be at their best to beat a Liverpool squad that is equally as good.

Liverpool have not won a title in more than 5 years and the fans are getting desperate to see some silverware. Manchester United has been trophyless for about three years now and there has been confusion of why the club has been so bad. It is a surprise to see the two most successful teams in England struggling for silverware.

“ I think Manchester will lose because they are really inconsistent and with the advantage Liverpool got from last time really strengthen their position to go into the next round,” said junior David Marroquin.

Manchester have been in really bad form and that has to do a lot with the players they had to replace because of injuries. They lost their captain Wayne Rooney and also lost one of their best defender through a thigh injury. It seems impossible for a team that has been so poorly to overcome a team that is on the rise.

“ Liverpool have a good manager in Jurgen Klopp and with his winning mentality Liverpool are only bound to get better. Manchester will need a miracle to be able to beat Liverpool,” said junior Lesly Alvarez

As you can see, Manchester are not favourites to win even though they are such a successful team. They will need the help of their goalkeeper David De Gea in order to make sure Liverpool do no further damage.