Baseball hopes to continue its success

Rickie Ghoston

On the first week of march Phoenix Military Academy baseball team started their season off with a meeting explaining all the details for the rest of the season.

Last year the baseball team had a very good year, they won the Andre Dawson conference with an 11-3 record. Now the question is can they repeat the same success they had last year?

“ My goals for the team are that I want to win conference again and end the season with a better record than last year” said by senior Danny Arguelles.

Unlike the following years, there were an exceptional amount of freshmen that tried out for the team. This could be a good and bad thing, most of the freshman are just now starting to play the sport so it makes it hard for them to perform at a high level. This could be a good thing in the long run because if they stick with baseball until their seniors, then their level of talent will get higher.

“I play a big role on the team, I am one of the five captions” said by senior Stephon Jackson.

This year should be an excellent year for the FireBirds, all they have to do is believe.