A peak to the Future

Kimberly Huerta

While seniors are getting closer and closer to finally graduating from Phoenix Military Academy, they are also closer to the real world and making decisions about continuing their education. On Friday the seniors were taken on a trip to the college Robert Morris.

“We spoke to people who are affiliated with Junior Achievement and we got information about what their career was as well as what their role is in the professional world. They taught us about product management and being able to assign roles to others in order to make a decision on who and how a product is going to be made. In addition, we participated in a group project where we built a tower out of cups and sticks by using our team building exercises and strategies that will make a tower that is stable,” said Senior Elizabeth Patino.

When the seniors arrived to the college they were separated into three different classrooms and were put to do different activities that was related to the program Junior Achievement.

“I got to learn about project managements and how to work as a team to come up with a plan,” said senior Ezequiel Diaz.

Some seniors might’ve thought that this trip was not what they expected, and others might’ve also enjoyed it. During this trip seniors were put to read along a packet that was given to them, but besides the reading they also did an activity that could’ve been enjoyable to them.

“The trip was worth it because we were able to explore a career in management and get an idea of what a person would do in that job. Also, we were able to practice our team building exercises and make decisions,” said Patino.

Seniors will be expected to attend their first year of college this fall and being taken on these kinds of trips might give them an idea of what college can be like. It is important that seniors begin to get a little idea of what their future might consist of.

“They took the senior to this school because of the Junior Achievement scholarship we’re doing. We can add new things about what we learned at Robert Morris college in our essay,” said Diaz.

During this trip, aside from the activities done in the classroom, and the lunch they gave to them they were also taken on a tour of the school to show them what it looked like, and how it is set up.

“I did not get the opportunity to tour the school like some students did, but I think it is a good school that focuses on business and the environment is great because of its location in downtown Chicago,” said Patino.

Seniors who will continue their education might not be ready for what is coming for them, but taking them on field trips like this might make them less afraid and get them to be prepared for college.