Should Abortion be Legal?

Jasmin Escojido

Do you believe that having an abortion anywhere should be legal? Many teenagers have had an abortion at a young age due to the demand of responsibilities. A miscarriage can save a person from taking on the responsibility of having a child. So many people find it okay to have an abortion without thinking about the consequences.

Abortion should not be legal anywhere. A miscarriage can cause damage to the mom and baby, and not only that but it was not the baby’s fault for the choices parents made. I believe there is so much you can do to avoid getting as far as an abortion. If you can’t take responsibility knowing you can get pregnant, then maybe you’re not old enough to be having sex.

It’s true, sometimes teenagers believe that they’d rather abort a baby than to bring him in this life with nothing to provide for them.

However, why didn’t you think of that when you had sex? Honestly, some teenagers need to take things more seriously rather than have regret after things are done. An individual has to be responsible when having sexual inercourse with someone else if not ready to be a mother or father.

If a mother allows their daughter to get an abortion then she will be making things easier for her daughter when she should be responsible for her actions. You made your own bed, now lie it. Meaning, you made your own decisions now accept the consequences.

Of even greater importance, that baby did not have his own opinion stated in this. He did not make himself alone. Why should the baby take the pain for something he didn’t have a say in. A teenager will always feel that tempt of guilt and regret. Think wisely before it’s too late!

Finally, there has been so many abortions due to that so many people have died. Their uterus can start causing them problems and then they will no longer be able to have kids.

Abortion brings a lot of damage to everything while in the process. Damage to the little human being, your own body, and your heart. That’s why it should be illegal to have an abortion in general.

With all these abortions, our future will no longer be a future. Imagine how many women will no longer be able to have kids because of a past experience. Many teenage girls should start protecting themselves so we don’t have to face so many abortions because these little human beings are innocent.

Abortion has many consequences. There is a better choice; protection.