Semester Grades!

Jasmin Escogido

Junior Yessenia Lopez has been a student at Phoenix Military Academy for two years and a half now. In her second semester, Lopez strived for success before this school year ends. Her first semester of junior year did not t go as well as she thought it would have gone.

“I am starting the semester with good grades. This semester I want to improve my work ethic, meaning I will turn my assignments on time and change my study habits,” said Lopez.

She believes she has the potential she needs to be successful and receive the grades she needs to earn and deserves, but she does believe she has been slacking off in terms of work ethic. This semester she is going to work hard to have the grades she needs for college.

“One way I avoid failure is by checking student portal often and keeping myself updated and making sure I have no missing assignments. I also just turned in my work on time to avoid any type of pressure by time grades are due. If I have a quiz or test, I try to study at least 30 minutes,” said Lopez.

The best way to always check up on yourself and your grades is in gradebook!
Lopez  makes sure everything is done and none of her grades have actually gone down. She makes sure everything is being done on time now. That is better than last semester when she would wait till the last minute to turn in work.

“Maria Reyes is motivating me to do better this semester. I guess the feeling that she actually makes me feel good about myself and recognizes when I do things right, even when I feel so discouraged she makes me feel like it is not the end of the world and I still have time better myself,” said Lopez.

She appreciates having Reyes around because she has motivated her through it all, and she is the reason why she has been feeling motivated and more confident. Now she believes that this semester nothing can go wrong with her grades.