Microsoft Field Trip


Kevin Becerra

On March 8th, Mr. Henton took a group of students interested in the field of electronics to the Microsoft Office store in Oakbrook, to get an inside look on how this Fortune 500 company is run.
On this trip senior Erik Nava was given the opportunity to explore an interesting career path and find out what it takes to make it in such a large company.

“We learned the positions that Microsoft Office has for its employees and what they did during the job, and also about the new phones or games that they have,” said Nava.

During the day at the Office, many of the students were able to use the new games and devices that Microsoft has created that have not even hit the market.

With many students having trouble deciding which career path to have, being able to explore a unique company that offers a variety of positions all with different responsibilities was helpful for the group of students.

After a long day of being shown the store, the students were treated to a meal while the Microsoft employees presented on why they should explore a career in Microsoft.

The career options that Microsoft and many other companies have are endless, there are positions for a variety of fields in big companies that many people are not aware of. By allowing students to see what they can offer big companies like Microsoft, give them motivation to work harder in school and pursue a career in a field in which they want to be in.