Do we have to depend on a groundhog to tell us when we have six more weeks of winter or spring?

Jesus Vazquez

Groundhog Day has been a long tradition since February 2nd,1887. Everyone comes to see Mr.Groundhog because they want to know if will he see a shadow. Which means that there will be six more weeks of winter and if he does not then there will be an early spring. Why can’t a meteorologist just do that? Aren’t they suppose to tell us what weather is coming?

Yes, Groundhog Day is a cool tradition, but why wait for a groundhog to wake up from its hibernation to tell us the weather when you can listen to a meteorologist who can tell you the weather in a matter of seconds/minutes.

A meteorologist can analyze weather conditions and issues on forecasts and alert the public of severe weather in their area. A groundhog can just tell when there are six more weeks of winter and that’s it. I would love groundhog day but it’s silly only if it had superpowers then i would love groundhog day.Since it doesn’t have any superpowers well then this is the reason why I am not impressed with the groundhog. That is why you should listen to a meteorologist for the weather.

Also when you listen to the meteorologist and the news you will be learning something every time you watch the news. Also you will know until next time how to be ready for any weather that they tell you about.

One cool thing about having this groundhog is trying to pray about not having six more weeks of winter but just to have spring come early. It is a really awesome thing to see that the tradition of the groundhog has gone a long way from where it is now. As I say it again; It would be cool if the groundhog had superpowers.If it had that then I wouldn’t be here talking about it.But since the groundhog doesn’t have superpowers then there isn’t anything cool about a groundhog just looking at its shadow.

But since it doesn’t have superpowers then this is why you should listen to meteorologist and leave the groundhog alone. Let the groundhog be and let it just be a groundhog its not suppose to do a meteorologist’s job. Meteorologists use some crazy technology to tell the weather and that’s why groundhogs should stick to being groundhogs.

Since we believe in one groundhog seeing its shadow wouldn’t we believe in other groundhogs seeing its shadow or not?How would we know which groundhog to look at to see if looks at his shadow?

Anyways, I think that people should leave the groundhog alone and let the meteorologist do their job.