A Firebird at an all Women’s College!


Genesis Vasquez

Phoenix Military Academy senior Mayra Deleon recently won the Posse Scholarship after a long application and interview process. She will be attending Agnes Scott College, an all women’s school, in the Fall of 2016, as a college freshman. For Deleon, the application process was very intimidating for her because she was going against “the brightest students” throughout the state of Illinois. Deleon was opened to be match with any school, and had no preference to where she would be placed.

“Posse uses the Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP), a unique method to identify leaders who would have been otherwise missed by traditional admission to select students,” said Deleon.

Deleon was nominated for the scholarship from PMA’s counselors Mrs. Matz and Ms. Fairchild. During the interviews, Deleon was asked questions about what her future plans consisted of and the accomplishments she has so far. The counselors nominated Deleon because of her open mindedness, something the counselors agreed on that Deleon showed. Throughout her high school career, Deleon has shown a lot of strength, grit, and drive to get to where she is now.

“Mayra was nominated along with 10 other students.  We met with the top 15 students in the class and asked if they wanted to be nominated back at the end of their junior year,” said PMA’s school counselor, Ms. Fairchild.

When Deleon received the scholarship she was astonished and could not believe it- something most people that win the scholarship feel. As Deleon is the first person in her family to go to college- a first generation student- she is very eager to go to college. Although at the moment, she is still very surprised, she is happy for the wonderful opportunity.

“When I received the phone call it was so surreal, it was very hard for me to process it. Being the first generation in my family to attend college and getting the scholarship is something that I’m so thankful for. I think to this day I still have not processed the news yet,” said Deleon.

Deleon’s family is very excited for her, in fact that her mother cried and is more excited than Deleon herself.

Deleon has various people to thank for her accomplishment. She thanks the counselors, her mentors for revising her essays, her teachers- especially Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Verhey, and Mrs. Raygoza, her family, and PMA alumni and Posse winner- Lizzete Camargo because of the advice she gave Deleon. Now that her senior year is coming to an end in June, Deleon is looking forward to the new experiences she will get at an all women’s college and to “start the first all women Policy Debate Team.”

Congratulations Mayra Deleon, you deserve it and much more!