Valentine’s Day Flaws

Ashley Ochoa

Valentine’s day is an annual worldwide holiday celebrated on February 14th to show appreciation for those one cares about. The day first became associated with romantic love in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished, however, in the 18th-century, it evolved into a celebration in which lovers expressed their love for each other by giving each other gifts.

Valentine’s day today is a holiday celebrated mostly by couples to express their love for one another.  Many teen couples tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day only with their girlfriend or boyfriend, forgetting to show appreciation to their family and friends.

I went out with my date to see a movie then out to eat,” said Senior Juan Carlos Romo.

Although some spend Valentine’s Day only with their significant other, others also celebrate it with those they care about.  Senior Alejandra Melesio spend her Valentine’s day with the people she cares about in her life.

“ I spend Valentine’s eating Giordano’s pizza and watching chick flick movies. My sister also gives me something and I give her something back.” said Melesio.

It has become a tradition for people to give gifts to the ones they care for on Valentines, and many times, people tend to even act different on Valentine’s day to show their love.

When asked what is one thing that should be changed about Valentine’s day Romo said, “I would make it so that those that don’t have dates, can still be happy instead of making those who do, feel bad about them being cared for.”

Valentine’s day should not be the only day that people express their love or care for one another.  In a relationship, the tradition of Valentine’s day should be everyday. If one is in a relationship where the affection is only shown on Valentines day, those emotions are not real.