Undefeated Bowling Team

Jose Gonzalez

The Phoenix Military Academy’s girls bowling team this year is undefeated. They have gone against many schools and have kept their lead each game. The coach of the bowling team expects them to make it really far this year.

The girls have kept going to practice throughout the season and this helped the girls maintain their bowling skills and learn new techniques.

Cadet Mayra Barrios is one the girls that is part of the bowling team and is doing great on her first year of bowling.

“I do feel like we are going to continue being undefeated because of all our focus and hard work we put in. We go to practice and do our part to keep the team going,” said Barrios.

The girls bowling team have been working together to keep the team together. Everyone finds ways to keep each other motivated and working hard.

“If we do lose and we stop being undefeated, it i will effect us but we will keep in mind that we are having fun while bowling and we should just continue working hard,” said Barrios.

Losing a winning streak could affect the team and bring them down. Not to the girls bowling team. If they lose a game, they are determine to keep working hard and to be on top.

“What keeps us motivated is that we help each other out. We let each other know what we are doing wrong and how to fix it. We make sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable,” said Barrios.

The girls bowling team helps each other stay motivated and relax. Together they make sure that everyone is relaxed and ready to bowl.
“If we do become the city champs it would be amazing. The girls bowling team being up there with the other best school is something we are trying to do. It is our main goal right now and we hope to make it to make our coach proud of us,” said Barrios.

The girls are really looking forward to being up there will the best schools. They want to be recognize and they know that by putting in their best effort, they can achieve it.
“I’m just really looking forward to show everyone we can do it. To make our coaches proud and know that we are here to win and work hard. We all have fun and want to see how far we go,” said Barrios.

As Mayra first year in the bowling team she really wants to do great. Not just her but everyone else in the bowling team wants to prove everyone they could make it. They want to be remembered by everyone and let them know that they worked hard. The girls bowling see themselves getting better and winning more games.