The Kylie App

The Kylie App

Melissa Moreno

Kylie Jenner, age 18 years old, one of the members of the Kardashian family has launched her app named Kylie on September. The Kylie app consists of categories named glam, looks, and life.

The glam category has make-up tutorials where she is featured in, and many other beauty tips and advice. In addition, she has makeup tutorials where you can copy her makeup look that she has used before.

The looks category consists of Kylie sharing pictures of her outfits that she has tried, and with every outfit she includes information. For example, she gives information on how to get her look in a very low price, rather than spending a fortune of copying  the exact look.

The life category in her app consists of personal information about her life. She also includes pictures when she was young. Downloading the Kylie Jenner Official App is free, and users are able to subscribe.

However, to have access to her premium content you will be charged a $2.99/month. To some people, it may seem like a lot but there are also additional benefits in the app.

For instance, the app has its own radio, named “Kylie’s radio” which is powered by Dash Radio, in which you are able to hear music. Another benefit is that you will be the first to know all the details about when and what time Kylie will launch her lip kit. Overall, I highly recommend this app for other individuals because it is really enjoyable. 5/5