Seniors on Track?

Karael Eubanks

The first few months of senior year started out going smooth; however, the last few months have been total chaos due to a variety of rumors that have been spread through words.

As a senior, your main priority should be to come to school, do what’s required, and graduate. If you do find yourself interacting with other students then it should be positive.

“I don’t like having altercations with people, but nobody’s going to treat me any type of way and think I’m not going to say anything about it,” said senior Alexis Ghoston.

Not only seniors, but people in general have a tendency of wanting to get even or retaliate when they feel like somebody has done a bad deed.

There are approximately 3 ½ months left of school and the focus should be on prom, graduation, senior week, life after high school, and anything else that isn’t focused around drama.

“ I’ve been in the library everyday, but as soon as I step into the hallway, theres always some new drama. I’m glad that I was placed in the library because it keeps my name out of a lot of drama,” said senior Edgar Powell-Holman.

It’s not hard to sit down and talk to people about issues, especially people that you consider to be a friend or associate.

The arguing and all of the other unnecessary drama needs to cease at this point; if you don’t like somebody, it’s really easy to not speak to them without causing drama.
The rest of the year should be smooth sailing with a happy ending, maybe that sounds fictional, but the graduation ceremony won’t be too exciting missing so many students to nonsense.