Phoenix’s Staff

Ryan Sanchez

Every school has a staff which includes hall monitors, security, clerks, and managers. A school’s staff is very important because they keep the students in order and make sure nothing bad happens. At Phoenix Military Academy, all students agree that the staff does their job.

“Sometimes the staff are nice and sometimes they are not. I wish they had a better attitude on some things, but honesty, that doesn’t mean they do their job right” said junior Jackie Valadez.

Phoenix has a total of 12 staff members. All of them which are on duty throughout the day.

“Sometimes the staff is really nice. They tend to get disrespectful when they are annoyed. They do all of their assigned jobs though,” said junior Jose Gonzalez.

When there is a fight in the school the staff always tries to break it up.  There has not been any fights that could not be handled by the staff.

“They make sure there isn’t going to be a fight, sometimes when there’s a fight, they handle it” said Gonzalez.

Although there may be students who dislike them, no can say they do not do their job.  

“I personally never had a problem with any staff members. I’m a good student and I think they treat everyone well,” said Valadez

Almost all students agree that they feel safe around the halls.
“I do feel safe. The staff make sure no one is fighting, and no one is in harm. They do their job,” said Gonzalez.

The staff in Phoenix Military Academy no doubt does their job. They make sure everything is under control. Any student who disagrees, is obviously a trouble maker.