Sex Education In Schools

Leticia Ghoston

Teen pregnancy seems to be on the rise. Females think birth control is going to make them fat and condoms are not being purchased enough. School systems have the ability to help with this. Sex education needs to be reinforced every year starting from as young as the fifth grade to senior year of high school.

It is true that sex education at school could seem like promoting sex at a young age, but if people say that it is promoting sex, at least it would be promoting safe sex.

It’s important that it is taught at school because talking about sex with your parents can be uncomfortable, According to Planned Parenthood’s website, half of all teens feel uncomfortable talking with their parents about sex.

Teens need to be reminded every year to make good sexual decisions. If schools are not reminding you, and it’s too awkward to talk to your parents, you’ll end up getting wrong information from friends or other family members, who may not be up to date with the right information.

Drugs will impair your judgment on sex, and today’s music promotes that a lot. It is important to have sex education tear down these false realities.

According to, three in ten teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. We need to be taught that a child is more than something cute. Having a child at 15,16, 17, and etc, will ruin your social life and you have to grow up faster than you want. You tell me, what’s more important: a moment of good unprotected sex or years of social deprivation?

Sex education needs to be taught at school in order to provide teens, who live in a society where sex is being promoted everywhere, with truths to all the misconceptions about sex.

I need you to go to your child, niece, nephew, little brother or sister’s school and express the need for sex education every year. Also, that sex education should provide schools with accessible contraceptives to avoid teen pregnancy and the spreading of diseases. I understand this will cost money, but teachers can volunteer to provide sex education themselves. Sex education can save today’s society from amount of babies being born without stable homes, and the chances that you or your friends will catch an STI.