“Your Future doesn’t define your purpose in life”

Shameria Jones

At some point in life we all have to realize what our purpose is in life. Not by the opinions of others, but through the belief of what we want for ourselves in the future. I always wished to become someone bigger in life, but also someone different. It seemed every teenager I knew wanted to become the same thing, and I just didn’t have enough faith to understand that I could be whatever I want as long as I believed in myself. I was tired of my parents trying to pick and choose what was the best decision for me. So, at some point I had to settle down and convince myself that I will only be as good as what my parents believe. Your future does not define your purpose in life.

When I first started high school I instantly forgot about what was my purpose and destiny in life. My grades began to fall and it felt like nothing was going right for me. Many people can argue that if a person fails and makes no effort in their education , than it’s a possibility they won’t make it anywhere in life, but that is only what the harsh reality taught them.

It took me until my junior year to realize that everyone is different and there are a million choices in life whether or not many people fail to realize it themselves. The idea of just how important and powerful having a purpose in our lives doesn’t really hit us until it is taken from us. We fail to realize that people’s opinions about our lives shouldn’t matter at all because at some point everyone will have a downfall where they have to restart everything over from the beginning.

The mentality that where you are now can not define who you will be in the future is true, because all it takes is a belief, encouragement, time and a little bit of confidence to get you where you need and want to be. Half of the celebrities now have dealt with the same experience of starting from the bottom and having to find their way up alone.

Everyone has a purpose in life and everyone was born with a gift, but it takes patience and a strong sense of mind to be able to overlook the negativity and still believe in yourself. However, my parents believed in “reality” which means if I didn’t go to high school and didn’t have the mindset to go to college in the future, no one will accept me and no good jobs would hire me. However, I had to realize everyone has a different path in the long run, so high school should not hold you back from starting on your desired path.

No one ever understands why suicides occur and it’s mostly a lack of loving themselves, feeling neglected, and not having a strong enough support system to say, “ You got this, you can be whatever you want, believe in yourself, or I’m right in your corner with you through this obstacle”.

I cannot emphasize how important it is that you make sure that your purpose is of your own will and only your own because once you do that, it can never be taken from you. It becomes something real, something you can hold onto for the rest of your life. Be ready to justify to yourself that the purpose you have chosen is indeed your own choice and that you consciously made the decision to pursue it. Defend it to yourself. Not to other people, but to yourself, because that is all you need. If you can do that, then that is truly your purpose.

One thing I want to point out is that we can never judge another person for the purpose they choose to follow. Some people may choose money. Some people may choose fame. Some charity. Some, a life of solitude, but that’s their purpose and their purpose alone.

When you find your purpose and make it your own, make an obligation to take confident steps in faith with your purpose.

Once you have a purpose, you begin to see exactly what you’re made of because purpose activates within you and is your natural success mechanism. Life also helps by giving you all the things you need to help you with your purpose after seeing that you’ve finally made that decision.