Women are entitled to change aspects of their body without being criticized

Melissa Moreno

One day you look at yourself in the mirror and notice a feature on your face that has been bothering you all of your life and it lowers your self-esteem. A person can fix the problem and lift their self-esteem, however, with that being done criticism follows. Kylie Jenner serves as an example of being criticized for changing the size of her lips, even though it helped her with her self -esteem.

Therefore, women, in today’s society should be able to change things about themselves and not be criticized for it.
Although, many individuals believe that changing one’s body can be harmful, women are aware of the dangers that follow with these types of procedures, such as breast implants or lip injections.

Of even greater importance, as soon as women are born they are given these messages that they should be good looking and be what society thinks is beautiful. Therefore, it’s not their fault that they are trying to reach for that beautiful look that they have been told to reach all their lives.

Finally, when women change something about themselves that has been bothering them for their whole lives, it increases their self-esteem. Women deserve to be happy, and if it rises their self-esteem then they shouldn’t be shamed for it. Especially when it comes to women, low self-esteem is one of the many factors that may cause people to be depressed. Women will look at their life’s and the world in a positive way after changing something about their body that has been bothering them for many years, rather than being miserable.

As individuals, we need to support each other’s decision because they didn’t ask to be born with something that they did not like about themselves. Furthermore, people should worry about their own lives rather than criticizing women for doing things that makes them happy in their lives.
Therefor a women shouldn’t be criticized for wanting to just feel beautiful, and have confidence of the way they look.