Should Foreign Languages Be Taught in Schools?

Jeidy Garcia

In many schools the only two languages that are taught are English and Spanish, but why not have other languages that students can learn?  Other languages can include  Japanese, French, or Portuguese. Schools should teach other foreign languages that students can learn about other than English and Spanish.

In the article, “Should students learn a foreign language” it said,people believe that students should not  learn another language because they can hardly speak English or Spanish and speaking a foreign language is going to be even harder. foreign language skills can open up a lot of doors. In the workforce after school, students should have the opportunity to learn them.”                         

That is why other foreign languages should be taught  in schools since it gives students better opportunities in the future and outside of school. If other foreign languages were taught in schools, it would be a great advantage and students would be able to have a conversation with students that speak  another language than them.

For example, if someone only speaks English and is trying to speak with a Japanese person it would be hard for them to have a conversation. However, if the person that only speaks English and there is a Japanese class in his or her school, it would be easier for them to have a conversation with a Japanese person. Moreover, in the same article it says “learning a new language can also help the fight against stereotypes and makes you more aware of your surroundings and of the cultures and lifestyle of others thus, decreasing ignorance”.

Not only will  learning a new language help you have a conversation with someone else but  it will also help decrease ignorance. Learning another language it’s similar to other languages. For example, Spanish and Portuguese are both similar languages. Foreign languages should be taught  in elementary schools and in high schools. It is beneficial speaking two languages.