Should CPS have P.E every day?

Giovany Cornelio

Today nearly 20 percent of children and teenagers are obese in the United States. This has to do with schools not having physical education everyday. The obesity epidemic is here because we have stopped teaching students that exercising or doing any physical activities is important to be healthy. Chicago Public
Schools should increase physical education ,so they can have healthier students not just now but in the future.

Although, not many students will want to do physical activities everyday,the teachers will be there to motivate those young students.

Physical education should increase in CPS because many students have a lack of motivation or they just don’t know how they can be physically active. CPS should make it mandatory for every student to participate in physical activities every day, then students will develop good habits. Physical education will then become part of their daily life and they will be much healthier students.

Teaching students physical education will lower obesity rates. Many students spend hours and hours in school and at the end of the day they don’t have time to get a little workout in. For many of the students, it’s not a priority, so they just don’t do it. If CPS schools made students do physical activities everyday then they won’t have to worry about not having time to not work out.

Many people may say students like eating fast food, which is true – eating too much fast food is bad. Yes,fast food contributes to the obesity rate, but people have forgotten that exercising plays a major role in your health. If people eat a lot but don’t exercise then of course they are going to be overweight, but if you work out you can burn those calories.

If physical education expanded in schools more students would be eager to learn in school. When students come to school they are half asleep, but making them exercise will wake them up. Then they will retain more of what the teacher is saying because they will be wide awake. Students cannot learn if they are half asleep.

Parents should teach their students about a good lifestyle so they can be healthy and not deal with diseases that are developed because of all the body fat a person has. Teaching them from their early years will put students at a higher chance of having good habits. If you want healthy students or if you are a student, you should encourage the school or school districts to implement more physical education in schools so this obesity epidemic does not keep increasing.