Say Goodbye to the “Pink Tax?”


Genesis Vasquez

In the 1920s, women were granted the right to vote in the United States. People thought that by allowing women to vote, it would create equality among both genders. Recently, through a BuzzFeed video that I watched, “Everyday Things Women Pay More For Than Men” it talks about items women get taxed more on compared to men. This tax is known as the “Pink Tax.” It was not until this year that Chicago Alderman Edward Burke, of the 14th ward, proposed an ordinance to eliminate the tax on tampons. Students at Phoenix Military Academy agree that the tax should not exist and it enables women to have access to things we need.

I believe it is unfair for women to be taxed/charged more for products and services that every person needs such dry cleaning clothes or birth control. It’s an injustice how women earn less but end up paying more,” said senior Roman Martinez.

Many people were unaware about the high tax on female products. President Barack Obama did not know about the tax. In an interview with Ingrid Nilsen and Barack Obama, it stated that women on average spend $3,000 in hygiene products during their lifespan.

“I have no idea why states would tax these as luxury items. I suspect it’s because men were making the laws when those taxes were passed,” said President Obama in an AJ+ interview.

While most states impose a tax on all feminine hygiene products, there are 10 states that do not.

In Chicago, Alderman Burke and Leslie Hairston have proposed an ordinance that will hopefully have the tax on tampons eliminated. The ordinance was proposed to City Hall in a meeting and it will be reviewed more in depth. As Burke tries to make solutions to end the tax, students at PMA have solutions on their own.

I would start by pointing out the companies that charge women more for their products. The Affordable Care Act is also helping women even out the unfair prices,” said Martinez.

Other officials agree with the new proposed plan, such as Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In a DNAInfo article, tampons and pads in Chicago are taxed at a “10.25 percent, including a 6.25 state tax, 1.75 percent county tax and 1.25 percent city tax, as well as a 1 percent Regional Transportation Authority tax.”

The new tax elimination would serve women to no longer have to pay high prices for products they need. It is important to have these taxes removed because it prohibits women from having access to products they need.

Not only are women taxed on tampons and pads, but the “Pink Tax” includes female deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, clothing, perfume, razors, and facial moisturizers, haircuts, and more.

It is unfair that in a country that allowed for women to vote many years ago to create equality, almost a century later you can still see the inequity between the genders. The “Pink Tax” does not only create an inequality for the products women buy, but ultimately it is another representation of how women are not given equal opportunities within the country. Its nearly a century since  the 19th Amendment was created, but in society women are not given many careers where they play protagonist roles in movies, are the bosses, and they are paid less than men. It has been 96 years since women were granted the right to vote, will it take 96 more years for women to get full equality?

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