Is Juventus ready for the Bavarians?

Is Juventus ready for the Bavarians?

Eduardo Macedonio

Many fans were excited to see the clash of two powerful European Giants in the first leg of the Champions League. Juventus of Italy and Bayern Munich of Germany played on February 23rd and they did not disappoint with the game ending in a 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich winning the game, only for Juventus to then tie it. The second leg will be played on March 16 in Munich, Germany.

“I don’t support either team but that doesn’t mean I won’t be eager to see the game,” said Junior David Marroquin. “These are two of the best teams in the world,”

Bayern Munich already has the German League in their fingertips with an 8 point lead and now their main focus is the Champions League. Juventus on the other hand are top of the table in the Italian League in a very close title race. The favorites are most likely Bayern Munich, but one should take into account that Juventus went fifteen games undefeated before getting shut down by Bologna.

“Juventus are the dark horses in this game but they will surely win with Dybala!,” said junior Jonathan Muros.

Juventus must hope that their defense is solid for this game due to Bayern Munich’s attacking duo of Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller. Lewandowski is currently the German League’s top scorer with 22 goals and Muller is third with 17 while Juventus will hope that their top scorer with 13 goals, Paulo Dybala, is also in form. The game will no doubt be an intense one.