Obesity taking over

Jessie Gutierrez

Obesity is a disease that is on the rise and it is affecting our society by making us dormant. The majority of the population affected by this is the youth. In a vast amount of schools today there is very minimal physical activity.

There should be weight training classes in Chicago Public Schools, so kids have an opportunity to exercise more than once a week.

Many people say that weight training takes up time and is useless for a student’s education. 

Furthermore, weight training is very convenient. Not only is it healthy for the students to exercise, but it is proven that kids that exercise do better in school than kids who do no physical activity. They also tend to focus, and pay more attention than their classmates.

Weight training is also more convenient than traditional cardio, due to the fact that when a person does cardio he/she burns calories only when he or she is doing the physical motion. But when people lift weights they burn calories while they are exercising, and burn more calories throughout the day.

Finally it is important for students to take part in physical activity. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “12.5 million, or 17 percent of adolescents are obese in America”. There are many reasons why people become obese, a main one is diet but what comes along with that is lack of exercise.  

Do not let our youth become a statistic; allow them more physical activity and/or training. Every school should have a weight training class, or at least allow Physical education for students more than once a week.  

The weight of your future is in your hands.