Locked-in or Locked out?

Juan Romo

The Chicago Teachers Union plans to strike against the new deduction of 7% from their paychecks on April 1st. As a result, the Brotherhood’s Lock-in on the same day may be cancelled since the teachers cannot be in the building while they strike.

“The strike will cancel the Lock-in since the chaperones are CTU members. The only chaperones left are Sergeants, Dr. Mares, and I,” said principal Wipachit.

This approach is not possible as the staff left would possibly make the members feel uncomfortable to say all they want to. There are other options as to making the Lock-in possible on April 1st.

“The Lock-in may happen if the the teachers send me a letter stating that they are willing to attend the Lock-in out of the kindness of their heart and that they were not forced to attend,” said Wipachit.

The Brotherhood sees this option as a possibility and hopes that some teachers can agree to Wip’s agreement. As always, there are backup plans and the Brotherhood has more.

“Another possibility is to plan to move the lock-in to March 31st if we know that the strike is going to happen for sure,” said Brotherhood advisor Ms. T.

This option is only available if the CTU states that they will definitely strike on April 1st. Another idea could be traveling away from the school similar to their 2012-2013 Lock-in.

“We do have funds from the Go Fund Me page, which we encourage anyone to donate to! However, we don’t have enough to cover the entire cost and we do want to use that money for enrichment activities,”  said Ms. T.

As the Brotherhood patiently waits for the confirmation of the strike, the only thing they can do is make backup plans.