CTU Walk-ins Citywide

Joshlynn Murphy

The Chicago Teachers Union held several “walk-in” protests Wednesday morning as part of an ongoing opposition to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the appointed Chicago Board of Education.

The union and other groups planned to organize this event at dozens of schools citywide, calling on the city and Chicago Public Schools to devote more resources to neighborhood schools.

CPS is in the midst of a financial crisis, recently borrowing $725 million at high interest rates to cover other debt and pay for critical construction projects. CPS teachers  weren’t satisfied with the financial crisis, so Mr. Gilbertson, a music teacher and teacher’s union rep at Phoenix Military Academy, who organized a program called the “walk-in”.

The walk-in is where teachers, parents, students and just outsiders, who believe that hard working teachers should get paid more, stood outside with signs and banners with slogans and quotes on it. Teachers and students, who were standing out there, felt different about this event. A lot of people support the teachers and some don’t.

“My experience went pretty well. I feel as if we all came together as one to have our voices heard,” said junior Samuel Ferguson.

Everyone was driving by, honking their horns to support them and the teachers union. On the other hand, there were people who were not supporting the teachers union during the walk-in. Well not some much as not supporting, but more like not wanting to going on strike.

“There are some teachers or staff members who voted no, because of not wanting to strike,” said Ms. Comeford, a Journalism teacher at Phoenix.

Some teachers supports the teachers , but do not want to strike with them. They more show their love from a distance.