A Firebird Returns

Diana Aguilar

At the end of last school year in 2015,  it was announced that the sophomore JROTC instructor SFC Hurley would be retiring and leaving PMA. However, at the beginning of the new year, in 2016, she came back as a PMA employee.

“I feel great. I really never left PMA. I was a little surprised when they asked me to come back, but inside I was hoping that I could come back. I still love being around the staff and students,” said Hurley.

She decided to continue working here at PMA, and she is working part-time, rather than working full time as an instructor.

“I love my new position because its part-time and it allows me the freedom to focus on my small business which is repairing computers, along with taking classes,” said Hurley, “The difference between my new position and my previous position as a JROTC Instructor is that I don’t have to wear the Army Uniform other than that I don’t really believe there is a difference. I still interact and feel the responsibility of mentoring young people,”

Since she was in the military for 28 years, she thinks that she is leaving her comfort zone, when wearing the uniform and have a new perspective in life.

Not only was she the JROTC Sophomore instructor, but she also was the coach for the girls basketball team for several years.

“I decided to come back because I believe that I’m not done making an impact on young adults. I feel I have a lot to offer young minds but in a different capacity. I am passionate about the environment and community and there is no better way to improve both then by starting with young people and helping them grow,” said Hurley.

Her new position makes her committed to making a difference. Even though she is a security guard, she will still be able to be a role model to all PMA cadets.