The Black Cat Tour


Jocelyn Cruz

On February 5, 2016, the best band ever, Never Shout Never, blessed basic Chicago by performing at the House of Blues Chicago. The band is doing a tour with Jule Vera and Water Parks as opening bands and Metro Station as a Co-Main act.

The concert said it would start at 4:45, but my friends and I arrived around 3:30 to be in the front of the line. We had to wait outside, not that far from the door, in the cold. Throughout our wait, the employees at the event gave us hot chocolate and merch. The workers were really upbeat and super friendly.

When we got inside the building, they patted us down and then let us through. Before going into the main floor, they scanned our tickets and we went straight to the stage. Since we were one of the first ones in line, we got really close to the stage.

Even though the concert was said to start at 4:45, It didn’t start until 6.

The first band that was on stage was Waterparks. This three man band made the whole crowd energetic, which made the crowd start to push forward.

After the half hour intermission, the next band that performed was indie-pop, Jule Vera. This band calmed the crowd with the lead singer’s soft voice but ended with a song that riled the crowd again.

Another half hour intermission happened and Metro Station performed. (Fun fact: Metro Station is made up from Miley Cyrus’ brother, Trace cyrus, and Mitchel Musso’s- Oliver Oken from Hannah Montana- brother, Mason Musso). My friends and I were really excited to see this band performed because we grew up listening to them. Metro Station made the whole crowd crazy. They were so energetic that people started to jump and dance. Some people got annoyed because random parts of the crowd pushed and danced.  Some people got REALLY crazy when the band played their last song, Shake it. My friends and I managed to get closer to the front and we were dancing and bumping into other people a lot.

After what seemed like an hour, and probably was, Never Shout Never performed. They performed a total of 14 songs. Even though NSN was the main act, the people in the audience calmed down. The lead singer, Christofer Drew, talked most of his band’s performance but when it came to singing, he became very enthusiastic. The crowd went with his emotions. Instead of pushing and crazy dancing, they sang and enjoyed themselves. The band ended their set with a slow song which made the audience leave relaxed.

What sucked about the concert was the fact that after Never Shout Never performed, we were not able to go to the merch table because of “curfew laws.” The only time we were allowed to go was during intermission, but we didn’t want to go because we would lose our spots in the front. If HOB wanted us to meet the bands, they would’ve started at the time that they said they were going to start, and not later.

My friends and I really enjoyed the environment of the concert and the concert itself.