PMA Basketball is on the rise


Gregory Boyle

Three or four years ago Phoenix’s basketball team was unheard of unlike other popular basketball teams like Orr, Al Raby, and North Lawndale. Now that we have a good team and coaching staff, other schools have heard about us and they watch us to study our play and players.

When I came here my freshmen year I didn’t know if I wanted to stay because it was a different environment and the team was not  that good but I stayed because I wanted to be that player that helped my team succeed and help put Phoenix on the map. Phoenix was a good team but needed some more work to become great.

It’s true that Phoenix was not  a good team back then, but since we got the right players and coaching staff things are turning around for us.

Since I’ve been at Phoenix we had at least three different coaches every year. My freshmen year we had two coaches. They were good coaches and trainers but then they got fired  because of some issues that happened. My sophomore year we had a coach that was young and was a surprisingly better coach than the older one. He helped us get second in conference and he took off to get a college coaching job. Now that I’m in my junior year we have three coaches who are also good coaches. This shows that we didn’t have anytime to be good because we were still getting to know our coaches.

We’re showing progress because we were second in conference last year behind Manley. We were disappointed in ourselves when we got the news that we were second. That was the first game I scored 50 points in a single game and we as a team played our heart out but  we lost  by three in overtime.

Finally, this year we won conference and are moving up to face different teams in different environments. As a team we have come  a long way and we are proud to be  the first conference champs in Phoenix history. This year was different because we have more chemistry than our team last year.

In conclusion, Phoenix’s basketball team is now good and we are coming for those popular schools who think we are just a weak team. We have made a lot of progress and hope to win our conference next season.