Lollapalooza 2016

Yvonne Flores

Infamous Lollapalooza festival announces a new change this summer. They decided to  add another day to the traditional three day festival, the four day will have new performances that are added. This announcement isn’t all that Lollapalooza will tell about this summer’s rave. The lineup is still setting up as of this moment, the only question is if it’ll be lit enough for the new change.

“I think it would be hella lit for the fact that they will bring old and new artists that will put on a great show,” said junior Isaac Novoa.

This ballistic adjustment of adding another day to the festival has its cost. The cost for a four wristband is $335 and just for one day it’s $120. The prices may seem like a lot to spend on but that isn’t an issue for music lovers that find it as a good deal.

“I would spend $335 for a four day pass to lala because it would be a great experience to have fun and enjoy myself with friends or with strangers” said junior Madeline Guzman.

Lollapalooza has its controversy if the festival should continue here at Grant Park, Chicago. The people of the downtown community find it disturbing, loud and ruining the park itself. However, Lollapalooza doesn’t tend to be seen that way by those who attend the festival. Instead the people who come from all over, love the festival, enjoy the music and share their experiences.

“Lollapalooza seems to be a great experience for everyone that has gone,that I personally know, so people should get the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves,” said Guzman.  

Though huge curiosity has revolved around the three headliners for 2016. Many are wondering which new or old artists will be the top performances under the Chicago skyline. There’s already been some predictions as to what some people may want to see perform on the Perry stage.

“Florence and the machine, Kanye West, and Coldplay would be the three headliners,” said Novoa.

Hopefully this summer  Lollapalooza will be as great as the years before by adding another day to the festival. The excitement may be worth it to see the top three performances and spending time with the people you love in the summer.