Driver’s Ed

Jackie Valadez

Drivers Ed is held on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:45pm to 5:00 pm. Drivers Ed is always a requirement in order to graduate. Cinthia Bustos is a junior at Phoenix Military Academy who is currently taking the drivers ed course.

“I’m only taking this course because I know I need the credit in order to graduate,” said junior Cinthia Bustos.

Many people don’t like taking the course during school and would rather take it in the summer. Some students feel unsafe to leave late because of the neighborhood, while the summer offers early dismissal time.

“I don’t feel that safe leaving the school so late, but I would rather just get it over with than to wait till the summer,” said Bustos.

Students also feel that this shouldn’t be a requirement. Many believe that a student shouldn’t be forced to take this course. Although some don’t approve, many others do.

“I don’t mind that it is a requirement, because it is something that we will eventually need to learn. Why not just learn it now?,” said Bustos.

Overall Drivers Ed is good for students to learn about the world of driving. It is a good course to educate young minds about the rules of road safety. If students don’t learn now, when will they ever make the time to educate themselves.