Breakfast at McDonalds is a hit and a miss

Breakfast at McDonald’s is a hit and a miss

On October 6 of 2015, Mcdonald’s customers were able to buy any breakfast food all day.

“McDonald’s breakfast was only given at a certain time in the morning and now if people don’t make the Mcdonald’s breakfast times they could now go at a later time” said Roberto Ocampo.

Mcdonald’s purpose for the All Day Breakfast was to help boost sales for the slumping food giant.

“If Mcdonalds increase the food prices, it will help[them] get more money,” said Aldo Gil

Serving breakfast alongside the usual burgers, fries, McNuggets, and other regular menu items means a more complicated workflow and a more crowded kitchen.

“Although it is extra work for the workers, it’s better for people because they can wake up late and go to Mcdonald’s for breakfast instead of not eating any breakfast at all,”  said Gil

McDonald’s wants to help make it easier for customers to eat from these food groups by serving more menu items that include fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grains.

“In the morning I usually eat chips because the school breakfast isn’t as good, so having more healthy food is good, ” said Ocampo.

If there’s a problem with McDonald’s introduction of a limited all-day breakfast menu it’s that some customers want the full morning meal lineup 24/7.

“It also sucks for customers to go to Mcdonalds and not find their favorite meal on the menu, meaning they have too still go early in the morning,” said Gil