The Move That Can Save A Team

Roberto Ocampo

On January 31st, 2015, Manchester City announced one of the largest and surprising moves a club has done on the transfer deadline day in soccer. Although this transfer was not about a player moving to Manchester City, it was about one of the best managers in the world Pep Guardiola moving to the club. With Pep Guardiola as manager the club is really trying to gain trophies next season.

I think Pep Guardiola’s move to Manchester City is great and he’s definitely going to succeed at the club. He will succeed because of the amount of trophies he has won in his past clubs.

People believe Guardiola’s move to Manchester City will not be successful because they think the teams he has managed were dominant before he became manager for them.They think he just added his “special” touch to increase their chance at a trophy their season. Although Manchester City is still a dominant team anything can happen and there is more competition in Barclays Premier League-the BPL.

He is a successful manager because of his tactic “Tiki Taka” used to move the ball around the field to allow better positioning for their players.

He managed Barcelona where he won the Treble for the club and this Treble was the first in Spanish history. This year he managed Bayern Munich in Germany where his team was top of the league.

Guardiola builds relationships with his players and coaches. These friendships he built with his players can drive them to play for him in a different club he will manage.

Will Guardiola succeed or will he fall to the critiques of other managers?