Security at PMA

Ezequiel Diaz

Here at PMA, Ms. B has been one of the top flight securities. Many say that she is their favorite security because of how she is around the students. She has been working for PMA for many years now and she says that she loves doing it.

“I have worked at PMA for 11 years now, but 19 years with CPS” said Ms. B

She loves working here as a security because over the past years, she has learned many things about herself she didn’t know before

“I’ve learned that I have a lot of patience for the students here at PMA” said Ms. B

As much as she loves her job here at PMA, she understands that there will be a day that she will have to retire as a security guard and live her life. For half of her career, she has spent it here working at PMA.

“Yes I do plan on retiring from this career as security to do something else” said Ms. B

It is difficult for a lot a people to feel welcome in their new job because they’re new, but Ms. B feels the complete opposite.

“I’ve always felt welcomed wherever my employment has been at, especially here at PMA, since I have already been working here for a long time” said Ms. B

She loves PMA so much that she considers it like her second home. She has many reasons why she loves her work here at Phoenix because she has experience a lot of things.

“The best part of working at PMA is being around the youth and the mentoring factor and it keeps me young” said Ms. B