School And Work

A balance that is not easy to achieve

Giovanni Cornelio

Many student throughout  CPS have a job and they go to school as well.Some of them have to work because they need to help their parents and others work because they want to earn their own money to buy their own things. Working at this age can make teens to pay less attention to school and more focused in work.

At Phoenix Military Academy many of the students have a job and attend school. For many cadet at phoenix  it’s hard for them to keep up with school because of the amount of homework given in the classrooms.

Senior Benito Mendoza is a student and a worker at a fast food restaurant.Most of the time he leaves as soon as the bell rings to start his shift.

“ I been working for two months now and I find it hard to keep up with my grades because working and studying is not an easy task after being exhausted from work . I am conscious that school comes first because if I don’t have an education then i will not progress in this society. I want to work because I want to experience how is it working in a fast food restaurant and also to help my parents financially” said senior Mendoza.

Not only seniors have job but also underclassmen like junior eduardo brito. Brito has been working since he was a sophomore. Eduardo brito has been in the top 10 but his job has now made it hard to keep up with his grades.

“I have been working for over a year and every day it has been harder to keep up with my academics. Everyday it gets harder because I am taking advance courses that consumes a great amount of your day time but I don’t have that time so when i get out of work I have to decided if I am going to sleep or do homework instead. Now as junior I have the ACT coming up and i have to prep myself to do well on it so i get in the top universities in the country. It is a challenge but it will be worth it at the end because going further in my education is my key to success” said Junior Brito.

School and work is not easy and it’s not for everyone. if you do work remember the key to success is a higher education. if you want a better job than a job at mcdonalds then keep your focus in school.