Is The Western Express Bus A Good Improvement?

Yvonne Flores

Once the new establishment had been announced during formation and the local news about the western express. No one really expected this change or actually expected this to happen. Phoenix Military Academy cadets mostly take this bus every week.

I honestly never really thought that the Western bus would change into an express bus. It isn’t something you’d expect. Usually when I take the bus everyday and worry about other things. The change is the commute for students to go to another bus stop.

Nowadays everyone just walks further from the Madison bus stop as a group or alone. It’s obviously not safe for anyone to commute farther away from the school period. Although the wait for the express bus seems quicker than usual.

From a parents stand point they would not want their child walking more and not being near the school. They’ll worry about their surroundings and instantly call right away. My mother always calls me once school is over and I usually answer before walking out of the building. No one is safe anywhere, that is why it is best to walk amongst other people and not alone.

Western itself is hectic with violence at every corner. As the school year began one of my fellow classmates was jumped and had his phone stolen during his morning commute to school. It’s not even just that though, every once in awhile there are a shootings right behind our school near the apartment buildings.

We also have a limited time to be around Phoenix because of the Safe Passage workers that was put there for our safety. However, they only stay outside until four thirty. As soon as we exit the building there is a CPS person at every corner from the blue line to Madison. If we exit the building around five from our after school activities, there will be anyone around to watch us. We’ll end being on our own or with a group.

The Western express bus has not improved anything but put our safety at risk everyday. All the students would prefer to get home quicker and not worry so much about who’s behind them or who’ll attack them.

The only possible thing to do is go as a group when walking to and from the school everyday. Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for those who travel alone.