Good School, Bad Neighborhood

Cristian Uribe-Garcia

They say that the future belongs to the new generation and that education is very powerful. Here at Phoenix Military Academy, we the student receives a great education, but the dangers around the school are too great.

The neighborhood school is in is filled with danger lurking around the corner and the school should at least try to make it safer for the students.

Besides the danger, the school that we attend is a really great school and is a “Level One Plus” academy. The security in the school is great and its staff is awesome. Recently, it also got crossing guards around the neighborhood.

The only problem with the school is the neighborhood is unsafe for the students who attend it. There are drugs, gun violence and a lack of security around.

There is usually a siren that goes off in response to an accident or a crime that happens around the school. Recently on  my way to school, a street was blocked by police officers and firefighters a few blocks away from school. There have also been a shootings just near  the school.

When students walk out of the school, there are drug dealers selling dangerous drugs. Some students are pressured into buying these illegal items and end up actually using. How is the school going to say students should not do drugs if it is being sold in front of the school?

I have  noticed the lack of police security around the school, there are not enough policemen patrolling to make sure students leave safely. There is also a  lack of cameras on the streets. What if a student gets out of school late and gets mugged or possibly worse?  A policeman’s job is “To Serve and Protect.”

The area around the school of PMA  is too unsafe and there should be something done  to make this area safer for its students.