Abandoned Buildings are Underrated


Eduardo Sanchez

When you see an abandoned building do you think it is a hazard or would you agree that it is canvas for an incredible work of art? Many people believe that abandoned buildings are a complete waste of space and make the environment look bad and dirty. What they do not take into consideration is that these buildings are places of peace to others in the area.

I believe abandoned buildings are a big part of what makes the world less dull. Without the abandoned buildings we have now, Chicago would just be another city of business and attractions tourists visit.

Yes, they take up space that could be used for another amusement park or a super store people do not really need, but Chicago is full of landmarks and stores. Abandoned buildings add that little touch of excitement that makes people- like myself- feel a tad bit mischievous when going to these buildings,  but they are just packed with good vibes.

Abandoned buildings are dangerous and people can easily get hurt by stepping on the wrong rusty stair when climbing to the top of the buildings. They can be dangerous but no one has been injured at an abandoned building. I have  been going to the Damen Silos located on 29th and Damen for a year now; I have never seen anyone get hurt, maybe a small cut but that is it.

Getting caught in an abandoned building has its consequences whether it is being fined or spending some jail time for trespassing. That is what makes life in the city more interesting. Living in Chicago can get really boring when you have lived here for 18 years and you have seen every attraction and been to almost every neighborhood whether it is business or leisure related. Going to new places such as  the Damen Silos can give a person a break from the daily routine of going to work or school and going back home to watch TV, do homework, go to sleep and repeat the process the next day.

Some people think that abandoned buildings are dangerous for the community in the sense that they can serve as a safe haven for criminal activity. That is not true because the activities people consider crimes are things such as smoking marijuana, vandalizing the property or even assaulting other people. People are so cold nowadays that it does not matter where they assault others, some do it in public. Marijuana is legal now, graffiti is everywhere, and almost everyone who “trespasses” does it now. Abandoned buildings has not been proven to be a big issue in communities anymore, people are actually starting to appreciate graffiti as art and smoking marijuana is not as big of a deal anymore. It is like smoking a cigarette, you can go spray paint a building and continue with your day and people will not say anything about it, they will look at it like a normal activity. In essence the spray paint is cigarette, and the person using it is the smoker, it is something we see often. These abandoned  buildings are not safe havens for crime activities, they are buildings that include great works of art and good vibes that make people want to come back. Those who have not been in these buildings are in no place to decide if they are dangerous or a waste of space. They are not aware of all the benefits it could bring to their life, even if it is for a couple of hours of peace.

The next time you see an abandoned building and have nothing to do, do not criticize it and assume it is hazardous, give it a chance to blow your mind and see the talent people have with a spray can. Abandoned buildings are not a threat to our community, they are a place for tranquility where you can actually clear your mind and take a moment to appreciate what your city has to offer.