Firebirds in The IHSA Three Point Shootout

Gregory Boyle

Some of the boys from the Phoenix boys basketball team have been selected to participate in a 3 point contest this friday at Holy Trinity. senior Xavier Martinez, senior Donnovan Daley, and junior Jamell Gooden hope to succeed in their first three point shootout.

“Its exciting, it’s a great opportunity to showcase my shooting abilities and I’m a bit nervous”, said Martinez.

IHSA is hosting a 3 point contest for Chicago Public schools that were in the playoffs. It will be 3 rounds and 5 racks with 5 balls in them so it would be a total of 20 points and that’s not even counting the money ball which is worth 2 points.

“ I’m really excited because it’s my first time and I never been in a contest”, said Gooden.

The three Phoenix boys basketball players feel confident and that they will advance to the last round and hope to bring a trophy back to the school.

“I feel confident because, I’ve been working on my 3 point shooting ability all year and I feel like if I put in a bit more practice before the event I’ll be good”, said Martinez.

If Phoenix win the 3 point contest this will make school history because no one has ever won that trophy from Phoenix. Winning that title could put a lot of confidence in the winner and the school’s basketball organization. In conclusion Phoenix basketball has hard working and optimistic players and they will do whatever it takes to bring that title home to the Firebird nation.