Boys Basketball Season comes to an end


Samuel Ferguson

February 22, 2016 was a sullen day for PMA’s Boys Varsity Basketball Team as they lost their state playoff game to their rivals, Marines Leadership Academy, at Holy Trinity high school. As the seconds ran down on the clock the final score was 60-55, with Marines Leadership Academy taking home the victory.

Knowing that this was an important game for the Boy’s Basketball team, they had to focus and get in the right mindset in order make sure that they would win the game.

“Before stepping on the court I was very focused. My mind was focused on executing plays, finishing around the rim, and playing hard and strong”, said senior Donovan Daley.

Although many of the players on the team were focused just like Daley, the team’s performance during the game took an unexpected twist.

“A lot of us on the team were doing our own thing. We weren’t listening to the coaches and what they had to say. We weren’t playing as a team”, said junior Gregory Boyle, captain of the basketball team.

Earlier in the season, the Boy’s Basketball team beat the Marines by a blowout. However, having their heads high when playing their rivals for a second time didn’t seem to be beneficial for the team.

“At the beginning of the season when we played the Marines, we played as one. Playing them again during the playoff game was different because many people on our team were scared to step up and play ball. We also didn’t put forth a lot of team effort”, said Daley.

During their game against the Marines, the team did not cooperate with each other and many of them were not listening to the coaching staff nor the team captains. As a result, PMA lost their state playoff game and, unfortunately, had their season cut short.

“Losing the game was devastating, but the team as a whole just has to move on and get better so that they are ready for next season”, said senior Rickie Ghoston.