Participating In After School Activities

Roman Martinez

Coming into Phoenix Military  Academy my freshmen year, I had expectations of how my highschool years would play out. I thought it would be easy to navigate through the halls and be able to talk to everyone comfortably. Turns out it was not as easy as unrealistic cliques made it seem.

Making friends was not so easy because everybody had their own interest. The best way to really connect with a pack of people is  to join an activity and reach out of your comfort zone. I reached out of my comfort zone and joined band my junior year. There I made really good connections with people of all grades because it was the interest in music that made us bond.

Many students may argue that Phoenix does not offer programs that spark their interest and that is fine but you will not know if you are truly not interested if you do not t try it out. You have options of trying drill week or journalism. If you are into art, join an art class. If you are into music, take a music class or possibly join the band for the full experience.

Coming into high school might be frightening, but that is why it is important to reach out of your comfort zone and make new friends. You have four years to try it out and it is better to do it sooner than later because you will regret it.

It is understandable that a lot of students do not t have the time to join an after school activity when they are  so focused on AP courses, family, and balancing their schedule outside of Phoenix. Finding your place in the school will not only make your high school experience more memorable, it will also make it a better experience. You must also think, are you taking a class, joining a club or team that you will really enjoy?