Youtube: Do you watch videos to pass time or to enjoy them?

Yvonne Flores

After having a tired day, it’s reasonable to come home and take a nap or go on the Youtube app. Especially if there’s a new Vine or song that was released. For some people this routine is almost every day of the week.

“I watch them about 3-4 times a week,” said Junior Haidy Delgado.

Instead of going on youtube to watch funny videos or a new music video. Some people watch educational lessons or information on a certain topic for a project. This is where Youtube really benefits for students to learn something and not procrastinate by watching distracting videos.   

“Yes, youtube has helped me thousands of times! From school projects, to essays, to projects of my own,” said Junior Mariana Martinez

Youtube allows profiles to upload different types of videos onto the site where everyone may view them. These videos may consist of: tutorials on makeup, how to make different materials, cooking or learning about interesting history. It all depends on what may interest the viewer..

“I watch many videos, but I usually just watch skate videos, or makeup videos,” said Delgado.

Going on Youtube is the savior along with Spotify for long bus rides home. The stakes are high for boredom but sometimes enjoying a video may actually help. Watching a video from time to time isn’t a bad thing to do when you’re bored or simply just what to see something interesting.