Alicia Moreno

There seems to be an awful lot of advice for women when it comes to what we “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing to our faces. Cosmetics, also known as makeup, are care substances used to enhance the appearances. While many agree that most people wear makeup to hide flaws, that isn’t the only reason.

Many use cosmetics because they see it as a form of art. Having different varieties of foundations, bronzers, lipsticks, and eye shadows  can help you create many different masterpieces.  

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 14 years old.

I probably go through several tubes of mascara and foundations in one year. I can spend hours in Sephora, and I love watching makeup tutorials and makeup hauls to stay current on the latest trends.

For some women, makeup is not about “needing” to feel beautiful.

In fact, it is not a need at all. It is a luxury, a treat or an accessory. Let’s start celebrating our various lifestyle choices rather than shaming one another for being different.

We are more than our morning rituals, and the women/men who are ready to walk out the door with bare faces are just as strong and respectable as those who get up a little earlier to apply their BB cream.

For those that still do not  understand the concept that this is our face and that we can apply as much makeup as we wish because everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Just because some people do not  like the color of your foundation or how maybe your eyeliner is uneven one day; they don’t have the right to judge someone that thinks their makeup looks great that day!