The Bulls Are #1

The Bulls Are #1

Rickie Ghoston

Every Chicagoan knows what it is  like to be on top; since 1991 the Chicago Bulls franchise has been putting together championship teams.

The first time the Bulls tasted victory was in 1991 when Michael Jordan averaged 31.1 PPG against the Los Angeles Lakers, easily defeating them with a 4-1 series victory. Ever since then the Bulls have been producing super star players, most recently Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler.

Other NBA fans might argue that the Chicago Bulls aren’t as good as they used to be because the last time they won a NBA championship was in 1998, when the Bulls took down the Utah Jazz. This is false because ever since then the Bulls have made it to the playoffs seeking another championship.

In 2012 the Chicago Bulls had the best record in the entire NBA. They also defeated their first two playoff opponents by not letting either team win more than one game. Currently the Bulls have the most talented team when healthy, no other team can match up with them one on one  not even the reigning champions the Golden State Warriors.

The former MVP Rose, when healthy, is the best point guard in the entire NBA.  When he is on the floor everyone is involved, He makes defenders double him creating shots for knock down shooters like Doug Mcdermott. He also spaces the floor out so big guys like Pau Gasol can go to work in the post.

The Bulls has shown that they can beat any team on any good night in the NBA, The only problem they have is trying to stay healthy. That is the only reason why we haven’t won a championship, but now our team is so deep that the next man in line is as good as the man starting over him.

The Bulls have  had a winning attitude since 1916 when they  were first created. The Bulls are as good as any team that played in the NBA and are on their  way to win their seventh championship.

Imagine in a couple months, particularly in May, the Chicago Bulls take the Golden State Warriors to game 7 and beat them at home giving the franchise a seventh ring, sounds pretty good right? Get ready to witness greatness.